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Administrative Procedures


Introduction - Section I  
Mission Statement I-1
Vision Statement I-2
Values Statement I-3
Goals Statement I-4
Procedures for Developing Administrative Procedures I-5
Policies of Governing Agencies - Section II  
*Rules and Policies of the West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education II-1
*Rules and Policies of the Kanawha Valley Community and Technical College Board of Governors II-2
*Rules and Policies of the Higher Education Policy Commission II-3
Institutional Structure - Section III  
Administrative Procedure III-1
President's Office III-1a
Academic Affairs III-2
Workforce and Economic Development III-3
Student Services III-4
Information Technology III-5
Business Services III-6
Campus Police III-7
Physical Facilities III-8
Constitution and By-Laws of the Faculty Assembly - UNDER REVIEW III-9
Constitution and By-Laws of the Staff Council - UNDER REVIEW III-10
Academic Program Advisory Committees III-11
Personnel - Section IV  
Hiring Guidelines IV-1
 Guidelines for Internal Postings IV-1b
Student Perception of Instruction IV-2
Procedures for Annual Faculty Evaluation IV-3
Faculty Tenure and Promotion Process IV-4
Faculty Position Description IV-5
Nine Month Faculty Absence Report Form IV-5a
Annual Review Process for Classified Staff IV-6
Annual Review Process for Non-Classified Staff IV-7
Division Dean Position Description/Terms of Employment IV-8
Program Director Position Description IV-9
Adjunct and Supplemental Employment of Faculty IV-10
Emeritus Status IV-11
Principal Work Base IV-12
Grievance Procedures IV-13
Instructional Workload Guidelines IV-14
Staff Evaluation of Administrator IV-15
Catastrophic Leave IV-16
Background Checking IV-17
Annual Experience Increment IV-18
Job Abandonment IV-19
Form I-9 IV-20
Drug-Free Workplace IV-22
Outside Employment IV-23
Classified Job Evaluation IV-24
Benefit Vendor Solicitation IV-25
Regular Status Faculty Absence IV-26
Arriving Employee Procedure IV-27
Four-Part Performance Counseling IV-29
Social Media Guidelines IV-31
Employee Infractions IV-32
FSLA Exempt/Non-Exempt Determination IV-34
Application of the ADA for Employees IV-35
Complaint Resolution
Application of the FMLA IV-38
Overtime Pay/Compensatory Time Off IV-39
Return to Work IV-40
Academic Programs - Section V  
Program Review Process V-1
Post Audit Review V-1a
Online Instruction V-2
Credit by Exam V-3
Outcomes Assessment V-4
Outcomes Assessment Form V-4a
Final Exam Procedures V-5
Program Approval and Termination V-6
Course Development Process V-6a
Grade Change Policy - DRAFT V-8
Student Services - Section VI  
Students Called to Active Military Duty VI-1
Student Concerns VI-2
Student Concern Form VI-2a
Repeating Courses and Grade Forgiveness VI-3
Admission to AAS in Nursing VI-4
Tuition and Fee Waiver VI-5
Proof of Attendance VI-6
Student Communications VI-7
Academic Appeals VI-8
Administrative Services - Section VII  
Proper Use of Computer Resources VII-1
Travel Policy VII-2
Records Retention VII-3
Cell Phone Allowance Procedure VII-4
Other Procedures - Section VIII  
Class Cancellation/College Closure VIII-1
Emergency Procedures VIII-2
Tobacco Free Environment VIII-3


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Kanawha Valley Community and Technical College is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution and does not discriminate against any person because of race, gender, age,color, religion, disability, national or ethnic origin. For more information: Michelle Bissell, Title IX Coordinator (304) 205-6600.